Sealbato Paracord Bracelet

June 25, 2011

TAREINCO was kind enough to provide this Sealbato paracord bracelet for review. This bracelet is hand made by Elite Paracord for TAREINCO.

The Sealbato bracelet is made up of around 24 feet of paracord so this is a larger bracelet. This puts 24 feet of paracord on your wrist that can be used in a emergency situation.

The Sealbato also features a ITW whistleloc buckle, this buckle incorporates a whistle that can be used as a emergency signal.

At the top of the bracelet is where the ends of the paracord terminate and are melted together. This makes it easy to cut the ends and unravel the bracelet.




The Sealbato can be purchased only from TAREINCO, they are made to order and can be made to in a variety of colors in whatever size you want. This is a high quality hand made product that has some features that make it unique. They cost $28 and are available from TAREINCO only. Also give a look to Elite Paracords own line of paracord products.

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