January 26, 2012

TAREINCO has been very gracious by supplying GWR with their SEALBATO bracelet and their VSP sling.  The TAREINCO VSP  sling or variable single point sling  is TAREINCO’s single point sling design. It’s simple, just how a sling should be. No real extra frills to complicate things. It’s designed for the AR platform but will work for other platforms as well.  After around 6 months of use the VSP sling has held up beautifully.  One thing I really love about this sling is how it hugs your body tightly. I don’t like a sling that is lose or saggy, slings that don’t ride close to your body have a tendency to shift around more than I like.  Of course the disadvantage with a single point sling is the reduced weapon retention, but I think that is a reasonable compromise for the ability to quickly transition your weapon from your strong side to weak side.

The VSP sling comes with a webbing tail end for use with the standard LE stock used on many AR rifles. This also allows the end user to add their own attachment(ex HK hook)to the sling without any modifications. TAREINCO also offers their own sewn tail attachments.

The VSP sling uses the V-shaped design. This helps keep the sling nice and tight to the body and helps keep the sling centered in front of your torso. Some people hate slings that “dump” their rifle right in front of them, I personally don’t mind it.

If you are in the market for a great single point sling then give the VSP a hard look. The VSP sling has become my favorite slings and has essentially replaced my old sling. The TAREINCO VSP sling is available in black,and coyote tan and can be purchased from TAREINCO or any of their dealers.


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