SOE Deployable Tourniquet Pouch

August 22, 2012

Tourniquets are an extremely important piece of equipment, whether your in the military or in law enforcement you should always have a tourniquet readily available.  John over at SOE hooked GWR up with one of their Deployable Tourniquet Pouches to review. Now there are many different ways to mount tourniquets to your gear. It’s not uncommon to see people use rubber bands to secure tourniquets to their gear, rubber bands are cheap and easy to get. One might ask why do you need a dedicated pouch for a tourniquet? The one answer. Speed. Chances are if you are deploying a tourniquet, you probably have some serious bleeding to deal with. If the bleeding is severe enough you can pass out from blood loss in less than a minute. So is your tourniquet readily accessible? God forbid you have it stowed away in a random pouch. Speed is key. The faster you can get your tourniquet applied, the higher your chances of survival are. This pouch is meant to remedy the issue. It’s light and simple to use and fits both of most commonly used combat tourniquets on the market, the SOF-T and CAT.

As you can you can see here with the pouch folded open, the design of this pouch is very simple. No buckles or anything that is prone to breaking. Just velcro and a single snap button. It’s light and compact, only a single layer of cordura is used to make up the body of the pouch. This helps keep the weight and bulkiness down.

The backside of the pouch is lined with MOLLE webbing, I recommend using a long MALICE clip from tactical tailor to mount this to your gear. Since it only takes one vertical row you could mount this in between pouches or on the sides of other pouches.

A CAT tourniquet fits perfectly. With a simple pull of the red tab, the tourniquet is deposited from the pouch quickly. This can be done one handed. Very simple and easy to use.

Another quality product from SOE. The design and build quality is excellent. The Deployable Tourniquet Pouch is available directly from SOE and comes in coyote, oilve,black, khaki and in multicam. They currently cost $25 each. Thanks to everyone over at SOE for the support.

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