SOE Compact Tear Off IFAK

May 21, 2011

The SOE Compact Tear Off IFAK is a feature rich medical pouch that provides  functionality without sacrificing valuable space on your gear.  This pouch comes in two versions, horizontal and vertical. The horizontal version is what I have, it works well on MOLLE battle belts. The vertical version is better if you are placing this pouch on a vest, the vertical version will fit where a AR mag pouch will fit.

This pouch is designed to fit a Israeli bandage or H bandage or something similar in size. There is a pocket where you can fit gloves and some form of gauze. The elastic that retains the trauma bandage has another strip of elastic sewn on top to create 2 sections to retain a NPA(nasal trumpet), there is also a strip of elastic on one side of the pouch sewn into 3 sections which can be used for a needle or pens. I keep sharpies in my kit for marking wounds or for writing the time of application for a tourniquet. Of course this pouch can fit much more, this pouch has large strips of Velcro so closing it while its full should not pose a problem.

Both sides of the pouch have a single column of PALS webbing to facilitate the attachment of a tourniquet to the outside of the pouch. SOE makes tourniquet attachment  solutions as do many other companies. You can also just rubber band your tourniquet into the webbing.


The pocket for gauze and gloves is sewn with two folds to allow expansion for larger items like combat gauze. I just keep H and H gauze and a baggie of sterile gloves in the pocket and it works beautifully.

The pouch is built with the attention to detail that SOE is famous for. Everything is stitched at least 3 times if not more. The pouch is constructed from 1000D cordura. This pouch is absolutely bombproof.




The horizontal attachment takes 3 rows and 3 columns of MOLLE on your gear. You use 2 MALICE clips to attach the mount to your gear.The pouch attaches the mount with Velcro.






This is a fantastic addition to your kit. It takes up very little room but allows you to carry your medical equipment in a compact detachable pouch. They cost 65$ and come in black, coyote,khaki, oilve, ACU and multicam. You can purchase one directly from SOE .  Tell them Gear Whore Reviews sent you.



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