JTECH HSS Delta Medical Pouch

July 12, 2011

JTECH sent me this medical pouch that they produce for HSS International to review. This pouch is made from 1000D nylon and uses YKK zippers. This is a larger medical pouch and is designed to  to carry more equipment than your regular IFAK. The pouch closes with a velcro closure and zipper closure. The velcro closure is good for quick closure of the pouch, you do not need to zip up the pouch if you need to move quickly.

The pouch folds into what you see above. There are several pockets and slots that can be used for various medical supplies.

The top portion has 3 pockets, one large zippered pocket and two small pockets with velcro closures sewn on top of that. I keep gloves and lubricating gel for NPAs in one and I keep a couple of hemostats and in the other. I keep packs of H&H compressed gauze in the zippered pocket, there are internal elastic dividers that fit them perfectly.

There is only one pocket on the bottom part of the pouch. I keep a Israeli bandage and a couple of NPAs. I could only fit one Israeli bandage inside the pocket. There are internal elastic dividers that look like they were sized for needles in this pocket, they do not fit NPAs. 

This pouch gets very bulky due to the internal pad that folds out of the way when you open the pouch. The pad is unnecessary and just takes up space inside the pouch that could have been used for keeping other things inside like tourniquets.  Attached to the pad is another panel with loop velcro on the back and sewn elastic on the front.  This whole fold out is sewn in and isn’t removable. That would be a great improvement to this pouch as the fold out portion of this pouch isn’t really necessary unless you are carrying needles or items with glass. The pad just takes up space and makes the pouch harder to close and adds bulk to the pouch.

The pouch attaches to MOLLE with the standard stick snap system seen on military issued gear.

This pouch is a good pouch for those who like to carry a little bit more than your standard IFAK. I would change a few things, I would make the pad removable, I would also make the pockets slightly larger. There are no markings on this pouch to denote it as a medical pouch, it looks like a GP pouch at first glance. The construction of this pouch is very good everything is double stitched and all the seams are taped , the quality of the materials used is also very good. This pouch costs $33.99 and can be purchased directly from JTECH.


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