Tyr Tactical Happy Mag (5.56)

April 5, 2011

In this review I will be going over a new piece of gear I recently picked up. The Tyr Tactical Happy Mag pouch is definitely a high speed piece of kit. While there are several products on the market that are similar there is one thing about this pouch that is very unique. I will address this later in the review.

Attached on a ICE warbelt

These pouches can hold one AR type mag like a Pmag, I doubt it will work with ARC mags. These pouches have a kydex insert inside that retain the mags as well as a bungee cord retention strap which is removable. The kydex does a excellent job of retaining the mags without the bungee strap. Of course someone may ask is it hard to remove the mags? Not at all, its very easy to insert and remove the mag. This pouch is perfect for those immediate reloads. It is also perfect for tactical reloads where you need to re-insert the mag easily and quickly.

The pouch is constructed from kydex and PV which a new type of material created by Tyr to reduce the weight of their products while increasing durability. PV is a combination of 500D cordura bonded to 200D kevlar. This combination creates a extremely lightweight and durable product.

This pouch attaches with a built in attachment system that uses a hardened end to tuck into the pouch after weaving through the PALS webbing. Its a very tight weave which is ideal. This pouch isn’t going anywhere.



This pouch is great, I wish I could use this for all of my mags. Unfortunately that would be very expensive and I wouldn’t be able to carry that many mags. They cannot be placed on top of each other which is a downside. These are great for warbelt setups and for placement on a vest or chest rig. They cost 24.95$ each. They can be ordered directly from Tyr Tactical or any of their retailers.  Hopefully I review more gear from Tyr Tactical in the future, this company will be making a name for itself soon.




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