OSOE Rallyman Pouch

April 3, 2011

In this review I will be going over the Original Special Operations Equipment Rallyman Pouch. The Rallyman pouch is made of 1000 denier Cordura nylon. It normally consists of a fastex buckle and Velcro closure. I had them made without the fastex buckles as I prefer just a Velcro closure. It makes the pouch faster to open since you only have one method of retention. The pouch attaches via MALICE clips.

The Rallyman is more of a universal magazine pouch. They carry 3 AR 30 round magazines, they will also fit 3 Pmags. You can also fit 2 G3 mags as well, but you may want to put something in the bottom to bump up the mags a bit higher so you can get a good grip on the mags during the extraction process.

What makes this pouch unique is the ability to adjust the pouch for different magazines. You can fit larger mags like AK mags. You just need to remove the lid and adjust the height of the lid. Its that easy. You can fit just about any type of rifle mag as long as its not some sort of drum mag or extended mag.

On both sides of the pouch there is a single row of pals webbing sewn. This could be used for attaching single pistol mags pouches or anything around that size. You can also attach tourniquets via a rubber band or small pouch.



The construction of this pouch is what you would usually expect from something made by OSOE. Its built like a tank, everything is triple and double stitched. All the edges are taped.


This is defiantly a quality pouch that is worth looking into. Especially if you run multiple long guns. They run around 35$ in your standard colors and 45$ if you want pistol mags on the sides or if you want it in Multicam or ACU and 55$ if you want either Multicam or ACU and pistol mags on the sides.






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