ICE Tactical Quckdraw M4 and Pistol Pouch

July 17, 2011

ICE Tactical or Integrated Combat Equipment is a small company located in Canada, ICE builds many products ranging from magazine pouches to chest rigs. All of ICE’s products are made in small runs by one person, Toby. This pouch in particular uses a combination of Cordura and kydex.

This pouch comes with 3 pieces of kydex. 2 for pistol mags and 1 for a AR type mag. The pouch is lined with hook velcro to latch onto the kydex pieces that are lined with loop velcro.

Since the kydex inserts are removable they are user replaceable, this also allows you to clean the kydex inserts as well as the pouch.

The retention the kydex provides is very good, it holds the mags very snugly. The mags are retained enough to prevent them from falling out or being snagged but not enough to inhibit fast reloads. Certain types of pistol mags will not fit, single stack mags fit best, with double stack mags I had the issue of the mag squeezing itself  out of the pouch and dropping to the floor. Any snag on the mags would make it come lose, this was not the case with single stack mags.You can have your mags face rounds forward or rounds backwards for that “beer can grip”.

The pouch attaches with 2 short MALICE clips that are included with the pouch. It fits perfectly on MOLLE battle belts and in between other pouch.

This pouch is perfect for those who are looking for a all in one package for a speed reload pouch. The construction is good and the quality of the materials is excellent. These cost $34 each and at that price they are a great deal. They are available in a variety of colors. They can be purchased from Blackstone Tactical or you can try contacting ICE Tactical (good luck with that) to purchase these.

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