Bradley Custom Concealment Rifle Mag Carriers

September 6, 2011

Clark over at Bradley Custom Concealment sent me 2 of his kydex rifle magazine carriers to try out. Bradley Custom Concealment specializes in custom kydex gear and they produce holsters as well as magazine carriers for pistols and rifles. These magazine carriers in particular specifically made for USGI type AR magazines though they are available for other types of magazines.
These magazine carriers are designed to be low profile and ride as close to your body as possible. All the corners are rounded to prevent them from digging into your body. The bottom of the carriers are rounded as well, this minimizes discomfort when crouching or bending over. Since the bottom is rounded and not slanted like some other products on the market this allows you to place the magazine carrier anywhere on your side without any problems. The magazines are retained by the way the magazine carrier is molded, when the magazine is fully seated they “lock” into to magazine carrier. Drawing the magazine out is very smooth and doesn’t make much effort on your end. There is enough retention that the magazine will not fall out on its own. When shaking the carrier upside down the magazine stayed fully seated. The way the magazine is inserted does matter, since the carrier is molded to the magazine the direction the magazine faces matters. I had these made with rounds facing backwards for left weak side with a “beer can” grip since I am a right side strong. They can be made however you want, rounds forward orĀ  backwards. Unlike some kydex magazine carriers on the market, these are made from a thick kydex that doesn’t cave in, this allows the opening of the carrier to stay open to facilitate tactical reloads.

These magazine carriers can be ran next to each other without any problems. I prefer to keep a little gap in between them. I ran these magazine carriers on a Jones Tactical 1.5 Everyday Cobra Belt (which I highly recommend), the belt loops on these mag carriers are made for 1.5 inch belts, there are also 1.75 inch belt loops available for rigger type belts and in 2 inches for duty belts. The belt loops are removable, just remove the 4 screws that hold the 2 belt loops in place.

There were some changes that were made to these magazine carriers after I originally received them. First, originally the posts on the screws were made from aluminum, after receiving some customer feedback they were changed to stainless steel screw posts(Top) which are stronger and less inclined to fail. Second, the new belt loops(Top) are thicker and stronger compared to the old belt loops. They do not effect the comfort of the magazine carriers at all.

These magazine carriers are available in a variety of colors and can be made to your specifications. All Bradley Concealment Products are made to order. These start at 30$ and can go up from there depending on how you configure them. These are high quality magazine carriers that perform extremely well and are a great value. Defiantly give Bradley Custom concealment a look if you are in the market for kydex gear.

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