Tiger Tailor Expresling

December 19, 2011

Robert from Tiger Tailor sent GWR one of their Expreslings to review, thanks to Robert and Tiger Tailor for sending us out gear to review.  For those  of you who haven’t heard of Tiger Tailor they are a French tactical gear company, their products range from pouches to full fledged battle rigs, the Expresling is Tiger Tailor’s version of a padded  convertible 2 to 1 point sling designed for the FAMAS and AR platforms. First lets cover the features of the Expresling.

The Expresling is designed to be a convertible sling, it functions both as a single and 2 point sling. It does this by the use of a D-ring and a HK hook. The HK hook mounts on the front of your rifle, for AR type guns you will need a compatible mount that can take the HK hook. A rail mount works best with this sling as it allows you to disconnect the HK hook easily and mount it to the D-ring to convert the sling into a single point sling.

The coyote brown pull strap is used to lessen or pick up the slack on the sling. This helps when transitioning the sling to either 1 point or 2 point.

The Expresling has a webbing rear attachment point. This works fine if you are using a gun that doesn’t have a rear sling mount, but if you do I would add a another HK hook here for ease of use.  Both ends of the sling can be changed to whatever the end user prefers.

If you have a set up like this I recommend picking up an extra HK hook to attach to your rear sling mount.


This sling works extremely well for whats its made for, transitioning is very easy and straightforward and most importantly its fast, though using the HK hooks takes some getting used to. There are other attachment points that are faster but they will raise the cost of the sling significantly and can be purchased separately and added on. Again that is user preference. The padding on the sling makes this an extremely comfortable sling whether it’s being run as a single or dual point sling.  Convertible slings always come in handy for those who like the comfort and function of a dual point sling but sometimes need the flexibility of a single point sling and this sling does both very well.


The sling is very well made, all the materials used are high quality and the craftsmanship shows. Even the small details like the trimming of the free ends on the webbing is obvious. The Multicam webbing is something many companies seem to neglect using due to it’s increased costs but personally I think its worth it.

If you are in the market for a convertible sling then give the Tiger Tailor Expresling a look. It’s available in Coyote Tan, Olive Drab and Multicam. The Expresling costs $48.65 for solid colors and $53.52 for Multicam. You can find the Expresling on Tiger Tailor’s website.(Link Below)


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