Specter Gear M-2 Mk-1 Chest Rig

October 30, 2011

Jeff over at Specter Gear sent me one of their M-2 Mk-1 chest rigs to review, so first I would like to say thank you to Specter Gear for supporting Gear Whore Reviews. The M-2 Mk-1 chest rig is part of Specter Gear’s lineup of chest rigs, the M-2 Mk-1 is the open top AR version of their chest rig, Specter Gear also makes a modular version and a version for 7.62 NATO mags and AK mags. I don’t run anything but mostly AR type stuff so it made sense for me to get this version. This chest rig is what I would describe as a simple but well executed design, it holds mags and that is about it and it does this well. The chest rig alone carries 4 magazines, on the face of each one of the magazine slots is 2×2 rows of PALS giving you a total of 8 columns of PALS across the front of the magazine slots. On both the left and right side of the magazine slots is an additional 3×3 section of PALS webbing which could be used to attach some tourniquets, a small med kit or even more mags.

The chest rig is fitted 2 shoulder straps that go in a x shaped configuration, there is also a waist strap that helps keep the rig in place. The chest rig can be quickly released via the National Molding quick release buckles. The shoulder straps are wide so they don’t dig into your shoulders. One thing I would like to see offered is a padded H harness for added comfort.

The magazines are retained by elastic cord ran through a pull tab, typical set up for these types of pouches. One thing that bugs me on a lot of rigs is the sewn in elastic retention, Specter Gear got around this by using a sewn in loop where the elastic cord is knotted. This makes the elastic cord user replaceable, it also gives you the option of removing the elastic retention all together.  The mags are retained very well without the elastic retention and you shouldn’t have a problem with it unless you are going to be upside down for whatever reason.

All the stitching on this is rig is done fantastically, there is no errors or missed stitches, all the edges are seam taped. All of the materials and hardware used is extremely high quality. The 1000D Cordura used will ensure that this rig can take a beating. Specter Gear builds extremely high quality gear, I have used other products from them in the past and the quality has always been excellent and if you have a problem with your product all of Specter Gear’s products are covered by their lifetime warranty.

Specter Gear provides great high quality gear that is made in the USA with a lifetime warranty. If you are in the market for a high quality chest rig defiantly give Specter Gear a look, you will not be disappointed.  All of Specter Gear’s chest rigs come in Black, Coyote Tan, Olive Drab,Foliage Green,ACU,ABU and Multicam. The M-2 Mk-1 chest rig retails from 89$-100$ depending on the color. You can get yours directly from Specter Gear or from any of their dealers.


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