Steve Nolan’s Tactical Gear

June 13, 2011

Steve Nolan is a former Army Infantry soldier. He builds gear out of his home. Pictured above is his Steve Nolan Assault Carry Kit or S.N.A.C.K for short. Its a simple rig that is setup for functionality and simplicity.¬†Pictured above is Steve’s tear off blowout kit in multicam. Steve uses heavy duty zippers and 1000D cordura. The face of the pouch has a pocket for gloves and the inside has internal dividers for organization.

He also makes a tear off trauma kit that is a little larger than the blowout kit.

He also makes what he calls the BART which holds glock mags or anything around that size.

He also makes these velcro backed shotgun shell trays with a velcro platform.

I would like to thank Steve for letting me use his pictures for this article. Also I would like to thank Steve for his service in the Army. You can purchase Steve’s gear from his Facebook page linked below.

Brandon November 16, 2012 at 10:11 am

I have a ton of his gear! I really do not buy from anyone else when it comes to custom gear! He not only knows what the operator wants and needs but gets you personally involved with the making of it and the specs you want! He is a expert in his field and has fought around the globe so he knows what to anticipate for operators. He makes gear I have trusted my life with in Iraq, I am proud to use his gear and more proud to call him a friend!

Donovan June 3, 2017 at 5:57 am

I am former Army and have known Steve for about 15 yrs. He crafts the best gear I’ve every come across. I had him make radio pouches for the Mounted Rangers in our home town and they came out better than expected. The man adds features that you didn’t know you couldn’t live without, BEFORE YOU KNEW you couldn’t live without them. virtually all of my tactical nylon gear is NOH. If you want the best and or your life depends on it, trust no one else. I am also proud to call Steve my friend.

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