Vertx Tactical Pants

January 14, 2012

Vertx is a fairly new name to the tactical pants market. They are a result of a collaboration with Fechheimer and Arc’teryx. The Vertx line of apparel tries to do what most tactical pants fail at doing, looking discreet. Vertx takes a more minimalist approach to the tactical pant concept. Instead of adding a bunch of pockets to the pant Vertx took the approach of streamlining  the pant to have a more casual look that fits well into the business environment rather than having a aggressive looking pant that is more fit for a combat zone. It wouldn’t be a pair of tactical pants if it didn’t have cargo pockets now would it? What sets Vertx apart form the rest is the way the two cargo pockets are constructed, its sewn from the inside out, not from the outside. This gives the pocket a flatter appearance that blends in with the casual look of the pant. Vertx also avoided using velcro on the pockets as well, Vertx uses a close flap design that works well. Due to the design of the cargo pockets they are significantly smaller than some other cargo pockets on other tactical pants. Other tactical pants usually allow you to fit two AR type mags inside the cargo pocket, with Vertx you can only hold one in each cargo pocket. Again this goes along with the minimalist nature of the pant.

The back of the pant is pretty straight forward, okay not really. The back of the pant rides a little higher than the front of the pant. This prevents sagging and works really well when you have a shirt tucked in. The waist of the pants also have a little bit of elastic sewn into them to prevent sagging, it’s not as much elastic as some of the other pants on the market have but it works. Did I mention that these pants look really good with a belt? A long with the two cargo pockets on the sides of the legs you have two back wallet pockets, and I say wallet pockets because both pockets have a “wallet trap” built in. Its just a piece of fabric sewn in the pocket that prevents a wallet from falling out. I found that it only works with thinner wallets and doesn’t work too well with my fat Spec Ops T.H.E Wallet Jr. (its fat because of all my money, just kidding) if you have a thinner leather wallet or maybe a badge wallet it should work fine. I personally I hate keeping my wallet in my ass, I don’t enjoy sitting on it.

The side pockets on the Vertx tactical pants have a sort of backwards capital L shape to them. The L shape is meant to keep your clipped knife in place and it’s supposed to make it easier to access your pockets when sitting down. Both are true but the L shape does something else when you sit down, it dumps anything small in your pocket when you sit down. Stuff like coins will just spill out and it’s really annoying. Even my IPhone has fallen out of my pocket before. The pockets are kinda shallow so it makes this problem even worse. On the right pocket (pictured above) there is this “secret” pocket that when zipped up looks like a seam on the pant. It’s actually quite a large pocket, almost equal to the size of it’s accompanying right side pocket. The zipper is also a locking zipper that keeps the pocket partially closed if you forget to zip it closed. I also purchased a pair in black, big mistake. My black pair is like a lint magnet. No amount of duck-tape or lint rollers in the world could remove the lint that clings to this pant. On top of that these seemed to have shrunk more than my khaki colored pair. After a couple of washings I thought the lint would go away, wrong, not only did the lint not go away but the pant shrunk at least a size down. My khaki pair shrunk only a little considering the fact that Vertx pant is made from a 98% cotton blend. I would expect consistency between colors from the same model and size of pant.

Vertx is a great choice for tactical pants as long as you are not looking for a pair in black and can get past the issue of your pockets dumping it’s contents out. The Vertx pants are a bit on the pricy side with a retail price of $64.95 with most retailers selling them for around the 50 dollar range. Vertx offers these pants in LE Black, Khaki, Desert Tan, Olive Drab and Navy.  You can pick them up directly from Vertx but many online stores carry them, look around for the best price.

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