Shellback Tactical Cobra Belt

February 3, 2012

I ordered this cobra belt during Shellback Tactical’s Black Friday sale a few months ago and I just got it this week, the belt was on back order for quite a while. For those of you who are not familiar with Shellback Tactical they are a part of  Tactical Assault Gear. Shellback Tactical tends to gear their products towards the law enforcement and civilian users while Tactical Assault Gear’s line is geared towards military users.

Shellback Tactical offers this belt with and without the D-ring, I purchased the D-ring free version since I have no need for it. AustriAlpin cobra buckles are perfect for riggers belts since they are rated for load carrying capacity, Cobra buckles while expensive offer a quick release function that you may or may not need on a riggers belt. If you are just using this as a load bearing belt then the Cobra buckles carrying capacity may be a bit overkill but it does look cool. Cobra buckles are available in different colors and according to some of the pictures on Shellback Tactical’s website the buckle should match the color of the belt. I ordered a coyote tan belt and got a black buckle, while it’s not that big of deal I was a little disappointed since I was expecting a matching buckle to go along with the belt.

The webbing used by Shellback Tactical is 1.75 inches wide, pretty standard for most gun belts and rigger belts. A fair warning to those who wear jeans and certain types of cargo pants, this belt may be too wide for the belt loops on your pants, this is a non issue for most variants of tactical pants. The webbing is double layered to add rigidity to the belt, the only part of the belt that isn’t double layered is the last couple of inches on the end of the belt(pictured above). The reason for this is because the double layer webbing will not feed through the cobra buckle, this created an issue for me, I couldn’t tighten the belt to where I needed it to be. I ordered a size large(35-37 inch) and I found out that the belt is too big for me. I fit into anything around 34-36 inches so I thought this was odd, this belt fits like its an extra large. I would recommend ordering a size 2 inches shorter than what you would normally wear to avoid this problem. If you are using this belt as a inner belt for a war belt sleeve then add about 2 inches on top of your normal waist size.

Shellback Tactical offers high quality gear that is made in the USA at a reasonable price. For $34.99 this belt is a steal, most cobra belts go for at least 50 bucks so you can’t beat Shellback Tactical here. I was a bit disappointed in the sizing of this belt since I have other cobra belts that fit me perfectly so I don’t see why this one should fit any differently, Shellback Tactical should add a note on their site saying their belts run big. I was also disappointed in the lack of the matching buckle especially since their site shows matching buckles on their cobra belts. The Shellback Tactical Cobra Belt is available in black, olive drab and coyote tan in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. This belt can be purchased from both Tactical Assault Gear and Shellback Tactical.

Nanci March 1, 2012 at 7:03 pm

Awesome Review…Honest! That is how the reviews should be!

Amy April 23, 2014 at 5:30 pm

I wonder how they can offer this belt so inexpensive! The cobra buckles themselves are 22.00. That’s not a very big profit margin.

Average Joe July 30, 2014 at 1:07 pm

That link now has them listed at $49.00

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