Tuff Products Deluxe Range Bag

March 28, 2012

Tuff Products sent us one of their new Deluxe Range Bags to review for them and I would like to say thanks to Nanci over at Tuff Products for supporting GWR. Tuff products has been manufacturing gear for about 10 years and during that time period has produced  many different pieces of gear that cater towards different demographics. Tuff Products also has done OEM work for many companies. Since Tuff Products has been around for so long they have a very broad product line that spans multiple niches. This Range Bag in particular caters more towards the shooter or Law Enforcement professional who needs a way of carrying their supplies in a neat and somewhat discreet fashion. The Deluxe Range Bag is on the larger end of the spectrum for range bags, but it doesn’t really have a aggressive look that many other range bags on the market have. This could be seen as a plus for those who like to be discreet.The Deluxe Range Bag has 6 pockets not counting the side pockets.(I’ll explain why I didn’t count them in later.)

The front pocket opens out to display a row of 6 pockets that are designed to hold pistol mags,each pocket can hold  2-3 single stack magazines or a single double stack magazine. The pockets also work well for holding other things like multi-tools,knives, flashlights, batteries and whatever else you can fit into each pocket.

Behind the front magazine pockets is a large pocket that has two padded dividers that velcro shut. These are meant for holding two handguns, they also prevent the handguns from marring up each other. You can keep a third handgun in between the two dividers but you will lack the velcro seal. The middle pocket is better suited for paper work or anything slim in profile. There is another identical pocket on the opposite side of the range bag, it can be distinguished by the brown zipper.

On the opposite of the bag is three pockets, the brown and black zippers pictures above are just flat pockets with no dividers, behind those pockets is another handgun pocket exactly like the one picture earlier in the review.

The two pockets on the back of the bag, small and flat, good for papers or small items.

The main pocket of the bag is very large, the walls of the main pocket are lined with loop velcro and the bottom of the bag is lined with a polymer cutout that is removable. It gives the bag a more rigid and stable structure.

I managed to fit quite a bit of my gear into this bag. Since the main pocket is lined with loop I was able to mount my SOE Compact Tear-Off IFAK and my CAT2 tourniquet to the side of the bag.  I also threw in my gunbelt, a serpa thigh holster, a Rapid Access Magazine Pod, my Infidel Cap, my Oakley Flakjackets, a Gemtech Suppressor pouch, a pair of Hatch gloves and some Surefire batteries. As a plus I also put a patch from legallyconcealed.org on the side of the bag. Again, I was able to pack quite a big of gear in a small sized bag and that is just the main pocket, that doesn’t even count the other pockets on the bag.

Both sides of the bag are flanked by 2 rows of Pals webbing and d-rings to hook the included shoulder strap on. The sides of the bag also has a flat pocket designed to hold a polymer cutout. The side pockets are not ideal for holding items unless they are flat, that is why they are excluded from the pocket count.

The bag comes with 3 polymer cutouts. One large one is included for the bottom of the main pocket and 2 small square plates are included for the sides of the bag. These cutouts give the bag a nice rigid feel and helps keep the bag open when all the pockets are fully loaded. You also have the option to remove the cutouts if you want to cram your bag in a small space.

Tuff Products Deluxe Range Bag has to be one of the best range bags I have used. I always found that many of the range bags on the market have always been too small. This bag fills that void and offers the end user a choice in choosing whether they want a rigid bag or a solid bag and also facilitates the carrying of 4-6 handguns. Tuff Products also uses high quality double layer ballistic nylon with all the edges and seems taped off with YKK zippers to ensure this bag can take whatever you can throw at it. Better yet it’s made right in the USA. The Deluxe Range Bag is available in Black and in Coyote Brown and retails for $129.00 and is available from Tuff Products website or any of their dealers.




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