Princeton Tec Switch MPLS

July 28, 2011

Princeton Tec sent me this light to try out and I have been using it for around 2 months now. Originally I didn’t think I would get much use out of a light like this but I actually found this light very useful.

Out of the box the Switch MPLS comes with two attachment adapters, one for attaching to MOLLE and one for attaching to helmets. 2 2016 cell batteries come pre-installed as well. So this light is ready to go right out of the box.

On the backside you can see the battery compartment on the back, the MOLLE attachment adapter is just a simple clip design while the helmet attachment has a hook.

This light is made from a lightweight polymer that is rugged and durable. This light has 2 LEDs that gives 2 different colors of light. This light also has 3 different settings that can be toggled by a single button.

The first setting you will see when activating the light is the red low setting.

Pushing the button again will turn on the red high setting.

Holding down the button for about 2 seconds at any time will switch on the white LED, there is only one brightness level to this setting.

Switching settings is very simple with the single button design, there is no off button or switch. To turn the light off is very simple, pushing the button anytime after 1.6 seconds have passed will switch the light off regardless of what setting it is on. You can also cycle through the first 2 settings and after that the light will switch off. The only way to activate the 3rd setting is to hold down the button. This is to prevent accidental white light discharge.

While the 2 attachments that came with this light have specific uses you can also use the MOLLE attachment to attach this light to other stuff like shirts and hats or even backpacks.
This light has proven itself to be a extremely useful piece of gear, it has many uses that range from tactical lighting to even a great light for the outdoorsy type. The flexible boom design allows the light to be positioned wherever you need to and go hands-free. This light also has very good battery life, since I have received the light I have not had to change the batteries at all.

The Princeton Tec Switch MPLS is a great piece of gear, they retail in the $50 range depending on where you buy them from, and at that price they are a great value. They come in Black, Olive Drab and Sand and are available with different LEDs. You can buy the Switch MPLS at any of Princeton Tec’s dealers.

Thank you Princeton Tec for sending me one of your lights to try out.

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