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July 4, 2012

A couple of months ago we were contacted by LegallyConcealed.org to review some of their product offerings, and by some I mean most of their product offerings. Legally Concealed sent GWR a nice big box of goodies to show to everyone, the box included 3 hats(one of which isn’t pictured above) and some other cool schwag that will be shown throughout the review. Now a little bit on what Legally Concealed is about, Legally Concealed is a company that focuses their product line on supporting the 2nd Amendment. All of Legally Concealed’s product line features their unique symbol which we will talk about in detail later in the review. Legally Concealed also donates a portion of their annual sales to the NRA.

Besides that hats that Legally Concealed sent GWR, Legally Concealed also sent GWR a few sets of their patches, stickers and dog tags. All of these feature Legally Concealed logo.  The 2 represents the 2nd Amendment while the two sliver lines that flank it represent the right to keep and bear arms and the black represents the evil that surrounds us. Simple, but effective and meaningful. In the top left corner is Legally Concealed’s sticker, works well on just about anything whether it’s a car or an ammo can. In top right corner is their PVC patch, it’s just to be mounted perfect size for an ACU type shoulder pocket, and since it’s PVC 3D and wont get destroyed like regular patches. On the bottom left corner is Legally Concealed’s regular patch, it’s a bit smaller than their PVC patch, looks nice on an admin panel.  On the bottom right is their dog tag which features their website on the back side. These are cool little ways to show your support for Legally Concealed and the 2nd Amendment without necessarily screaming “hey I got a gun.”

Here is one of the two t-shirts sent to GWR by Legally Concealed. This one is their “Stay Alert & Practice Often” shirt. The part pictured is on the backside, the front of the shirt features the Legally Concealed 2 flanked by lines design and on the right sleeve is the American Flag.

This is another shirt that Legally Concealed sent to GWR. This is their shirt that commemorates 9/11. This is printed on the backside of the shirt. The front is the same as the other shirt, 2nd amendment logo on the front and American flag on the sleeve.

Legally Concealed is doing a great service to military, law enforcement and firearm enthusiasts by promoting safe and legal firearm usage and the protection of our 2nd Amendment rights by donating to the NRA. All of Legally Concealed’s products are made in the USA and are available from Legally Concealed’s website.

Thanks for all the support from our readers and our friends. Stay safe and have a fun 4th of July.

George J Schluderman January 6, 2015 at 5:48 am

It is a SCAM, no one ever responds, highly over priced for six pages a WASTE of money!!

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