House of Paracord Cobra Bracelets

May 22, 2011

A while back I had Ami’ee over at House of Paracord make me 2 cobra bracelets, one coyote and black, and another with just black. Both close with a buckle made by national molding, the buckle is optional and you can just have the ends knotted. The paracord used to make the bracelets is high quality as is the craftsmanship. Amie’ee sizes them to your wrist so all you need to do is give her your wrist size and she will make it sized¬† for you. There are several different bracelets as well as other products she produces that are available in a extremely wide assortment of colors. She does custom work as well. She had mine made the same day I paid and in the mail the next day, she is extremely fast at making these bracelets.¬† You can order this as well as other paracord products over at House of Paracords facebook page.

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