Gemtech Suppressor Pouch

July 19, 2011

Gemtech has been offering suppressor pouches for quite some time, if you don’t already know this Gemtech makes suppressors, they don’t make tactical gear.These are made for Gemtech by FirstSpear.Gemtech offers these pouches as a way to keep your suppressor on your gear when not in use. These pouches will fit most of Gemtech’s suppressor line.They are also in different sizes as well. This one in particular is a short pouch which fits all of Gemtech’s 5.56 suppressors.

The pouch closes with what Gemtech calls a cobra-hood closure. It is secured by a quick release buckle. It covers the whole top of the suppressor, the sides have a little gaps that allows heat to escape if you are inserting a hot suppressor into the pouch.

The main body of the pouch has a layer of thin padding in between the layers of Cordura to protect your supressor. All the edge tape on this pouch is Multicam edge tape which is a nice touch. Everything is double stitched and all the edges are taped.

On the backside pouch you can see the Gemtech tag as well as the attachment system which is your typical stick snap system commonly seen on issued gear. Even the webbing used to make the “stick” is Multicam printed webbing which is a expensive webbing to use.

Even the PALS on the backside of the pouch is made from Multicam printed webbing.That tag seen at the top of the picture has FirstSpear’s logo on it.

This pouch is a true Multicam suppressor pouch, the only part of this pouch that isn’t Multicam is the quick release buckle and the snap on the back of the pouch and the tags. Even the inside of the pouch is Multicam. Gemtech and FirstSpear really pulled this one off and they managed to impress me on their use of materials and the quality of this pouch. At $35 these are definitely a must buy if you have a suppressor, they are available in Multicam, Coyote Brown and in Black. You can purchase these directly from Gemtech.




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