BritKitUSA Patches

June 21, 2011

The guys over at BritKit USA sent us 3 of their patches. A subdued American PVC flag patch, a Hey Fuck Face PVC patch multicam variant and the Mission Accomplished patch. All the patches are velcro backed, the PVC patches have a nice 3D texture appearance that really brings out the detail of the designs. It also makes the patches more durable since there isn’t any embroidery for velcro and other crap to catch on and fray. One of the patches that Britkit USA also sent me was woven, not embroidered like other patches. Having the patch woven makes the patch have a smoother texture that makes it less susceptible to being frayed and it also give the patch a nice clean look.  BritKit USA has many other patch selections that are American and British themed so give them a look if you are a patch whore like myself.

BritKit USA shop:

PVC USA subdued patch:

PVC Hey Fuck Face Patch:

Woven Mission Accomplished Patch:

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