Danner Tachyon

January 27, 2013

Danner-Tachyon FrontDanner recently released their newest boot to date, the Tachyon. The Tachyon weighs a combined 26 ounces while most pairs of boots on the market weigh at least double that. This makes Danner’s Tachyon the lightest boot currently on the market and the lightest boot Danner has ever made. Danner designed this boot to be as lightweight as possible without sacrificing the durability they are known for.



Danner-Tachyon side

Danner was able make the Tachyon extremely light by using lightweight synthetic materials and minimizing the usage of leather, thus allowing the boot to have a faster dry time.  The Tachyon has a primarily semi-rigid construction. There are no plastic or metal inserts in the toecap for protection, this minimizes the weight as much as possible. The toecap does have additional abrasion resistance on the tip to help with the durability of the boot. When laced properly, the Tachyon provides excellent ankle support.

Danner-Tachyon soleThe Tachyons have a fully rubberized Danner outsole. The outsole of the Tachyon is geared for more urban and desert environments. The cushioning of the boot consists of an EVA midsole with an integrated EVA strobel board allows the boot to have a more flexible feel. This allows the boot to flex with your feet when kneeling or going up inclines. This in direct contrast to many other boots where the boot has a stiff feel and inhibits your range of motion.

The Tachyons performed excellently when hiking and even in just everyday usage. Tachyons are so incredibly light that they felt odd on my feet at first. After getting used to the Tachyons and wearing another pair of boots, I began to realize how heavy others boots are in comparison to the Tachyons. One boot from my regular pair of boots weighs more than a pair of Tachyons, so the difference is very noticeable when switching to the Tachyons. I really enjoyed the flexibility and support that the Tachyons provided. I have had many pairs of boots that offer great support, but they feel uncomfortably stiff. Danner has balanced out flexibility and support beautifully to create a very comfortable boot. Danner has truly created the lightest boot on the market and frankly the lightest boot that I have ever used. The Danner Tachyons are available in Tan, Sage Green, and Black with a retail MSRP of $139.95. They can be purchased directly from Danner or from many of their retailers.



Thanks to Danner for setting up GWR with a pair of Tachyons to review.


Tourniquets are an extremely important piece of equipment, whether your in the military or in law enforcement you should always have a tourniquet readily available.  John over at SOE hooked GWR up with one of their Deployable Tourniquet Pouches to review. Now there are many different ways to mount tourniquets to your gear. It’s not uncommon to see people use rubber bands to secure tourniquets to their gear, rubber bands are cheap and easy to get. One might ask why do you need a dedicated pouch for a tourniquet? The one answer. Speed. Chances are if you are deploying a tourniquet, you probably have some serious bleeding to deal with. If the bleeding is severe enough you can pass out from blood loss in less than a minute. So is your tourniquet readily accessible? God forbid you have it stowed away in a random pouch. Speed is key. The faster you can get your tourniquet applied, the higher your chances of survival are. This pouch is meant to remedy the issue. It’s light and simple to use and fits both of most commonly used combat tourniquets on the market, the SOF-T and CAT.

As you can you can see here with the pouch folded open, the design of this pouch is very simple. No buckles or anything that is prone to breaking. Just velcro and a single snap button. It’s light and compact, only a single layer of cordura is used to make up the body of the pouch. This helps keep the weight and bulkiness down.

The backside of the pouch is lined with MOLLE webbing, I recommend using a long MALICE clip from tactical tailor to mount this to your gear. Since it only takes one vertical row you could mount this in between pouches or on the sides of other pouches.

A CAT tourniquet fits perfectly. With a simple pull of the red tab, the tourniquet is deposited from the pouch quickly. This can be done one handed. Very simple and easy to use.

Another quality product from SOE. The design and build quality is excellent. The Deployable Tourniquet Pouch is available directly from SOE and comes in coyote, oilve,black, khaki and in multicam. They currently cost $25 each. Thanks to everyone over at SOE for the support.


LeagallyConcealed.org Apparel

July 4, 2012

A couple of months ago we were contacted by LegallyConcealed.org to review some of their product offerings, and by some I mean most of their product offerings. Legally Concealed sent GWR a nice big box of goodies to show to everyone, the box included 3 hats(one of which isn’t pictured above) and some other cool […]

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Tuff Products Deluxe Range Bag

March 28, 2012

Tuff Products sent us one of their new Deluxe Range Bags to review for them and I would like to say thanks to Nanci over at Tuff Products for supporting GWR. Tuff products has been manufacturing gear for about 10 years and during that time period has produced  many different pieces of gear that cater […]

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Shellback Tactical Cobra Belt

February 3, 2012

I ordered this cobra belt during Shellback Tactical’s Black Friday sale a few months ago and I just got it this week, the belt was on back order for quite a while. For those of you who are not familiar with Shellback Tactical they are a part of  Tactical Assault Gear. Shellback Tactical tends to […]

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January 26, 2012

TAREINCO has been very gracious by supplying GWR with their SEALBATO bracelet and their VSP sling.  The TAREINCO VSP  sling or variable single point sling  is TAREINCO’s single point sling design. It’s simple, just how a sling should be. No real extra frills to complicate things. It’s designed for the AR platform but will work […]

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What is SOPA and how it is damaging to the internet.

January 18, 2012

On January 18th,2012 Gear Whore Reviews and many other large websites like Wikipedia and Google will be protesting the proposed the Stop Online Piracy Act better known as SOPA. SOPA is the child of organizations like the MPAA and RIAA who want to “protect” their intellectual properties and copyrights by taking down websites off the […]

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Vertx Tactical Pants

January 14, 2012

Vertx is a fairly new name to the tactical pants market. They are a result of a collaboration with Fechheimer and Arc’teryx. The Vertx line of apparel tries to do what most tactical pants fail at doing, looking discreet. Vertx takes a more minimalist approach to the tactical pant concept. Instead of adding a bunch […]

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Rapid Access Magazine Pod (RAMP)

December 22, 2011

Gear4Grunts sent GWR one of their new Rapid Access Magazine Pods( RAMP) to review so thanks to Gear4Grunts for letting GWR review their new RAMP. The RAMP is a unique take on the speed reload concept, rather than using a kydex lined pouch Gear4Grunts took on a different approach by creating a whole unit from […]

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Tiger Tailor Expresling

December 19, 2011

Robert from Tiger Tailor sent GWR one of their Expreslings to review, thanks to Robert and Tiger Tailor for sending us out gear to review.  For those  of you who haven’t heard of Tiger Tailor they are a French tactical gear company, their products range from pouches to full fledged battle rigs, the Expresling is […]

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